Trail Map- Download Map Here- Some trails may be closed


Pack Forest is open to hikers. Limited parking is available in the lot by the administration building and the Arboretum lot until dusk. All vehicles still in that lot after dusk will be towed at the owner’s expense.

emember the health and safety of our staff, students and surrounding community are our top priority at Pack Forest. Please pay attention to the following:


  1. Keep your pet on a leash, and always clean up after your pet. Pack out pet waste.
  2. No unauthorized motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed.
  3. Park in designated, hard surfaced, parking areas only. If the parking lot is full, we suggest you postpone your hike.
  4. Pack Forest hiking hours coincide with daylight hours.
  5. There is one portable toilet near the trailhead in the upper lot. It is serviced weekly. Please be considerate of all other hikers.
  6. Pack it in, pack it out. Do not leave litter on the trails, trailheads, or parking lots. Please take your garbage home including pet waste.
  7. Stay on designated trails only!


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