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Special Paper

Special Paper: An Ecological History of the Charles L. Pack Forest

This Special Paper, by Dr. Mark Swanson, presents the ecological history of the Charles Lathrop Pack Experimental Forest ( Pack Forest ), located near Eatonville, WA. It addresses the ecological backdrop against which modern management activities have played out, and describes significant natural and anthropogenic changes. (8/06)

Pack Essay Competition

The School of Environmental and Forest Sciences is pleased to announce that Chelsea Gill is the winner of the 2009 Charles L. Pack Essay Competition for her essay "Experimental Forests as a Gateway: Protection of Ecosystem Services through Sustainable Forest Management".

The contest is offered as an opportunity for SFR students to express their views on forestry and to demonstrate their writing skills. The competition was originally created nearly 80 years ago through a gift by Charles Pack. This year, SFR students were asked to address topics related to sustainable forest management. The contest is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Discussion Papers

The Center is pleased to announce the Discussion Papers series. This series is intended to spark discussion and dialogue on issues relevant to the ongoing development of sustainable forestry. Please contact us if you have any comments or ideas for future discussion papers.

Discussion Paper: Research Forests and Managerial Perceptions of Certification

This paper examines the perceptions among research forest managers of certification and the costs and benefits of certification for their forests. In developing a better understanding of the attitudes of those responsible for research forests toward certification, we also hope to initiate a dialogue to improve the relationships between certification systems and managers of research and university forests. (10/05)

Are Our Forests Sustainable? Multiple Perspectives on the National Report On Sustainable Forests—2003 by Michael Buck, Jay O’Laughlin and Alicia Robbins


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