Research and Publications

The Center for Sustainable Forestry has four main research emphases: 1) sustainable forest management, 2) mixed objective silviculture, 3) ecosystem services, and 4) forest ecology.  The focused research program is tied to Director Gregory J. Ettl’s students and collaborators.  There are also a number of other researchers working at Pack Forest, and a link to publications related to Pack Forest are listed below.

Active Projects (Student Involvement):

  1. Multi-objective Optimization to Evaluate and Sell Forest Ecosystem Services.  USDA National Research Initiative.  S.F. Toth, and Ettl, G.J. (Nora Konnyu, Svetlana Kushch, Paul Fischer, Jeff Comnick, and Rachel St. John)
  2. Integrating Carbon and Other Ecosystem Services into a Framework for Forest Management.  Deschutes National Forest, USFS.  S. F. Toth and G.J. Ettl.  (Svetlana Kushch)
  3. Endophytes for ecological restoration, climate change mitigation, and improved forest productivity.  McIntire-Stennis Funding.  S.L. Doty, S-H. Kim, G. J. Ettl, and S. Brown.  (Drew Zwart)
  4. Assessing the role of harvest intensity in improving forest health and providing biodiversity as an ecosystem service.  G.J. Ettl, Turnblom, E., Wirsing, A., and S. F. Tóth. McIntire-Stennis Funding. (Kevin Ceder)
  5. Nitrogen Fixation in Poplar:  Increased Efficiency of Bioenergy Crop Production.  Doty, S.L., Kim, S-H, Ettl, G.J., and R. Bura.  National Science Foundation. (Jenny Knoth)
  6. Providing forest ecosystem services with ECOSEL auction mechanism in experimental settings.  S.F. Toth, S.S. Rabotyagov and G.J. Ettl.  McIntire-Stennis Funding. (Gabrielle Roesch).
  7. Influence of soil moisture on Alnus rubra ectomycorrhizal fungal community distribution throughout a growing season. G.J. Ettl (Kate Galligan).
  8. Physiological responses, survival, and growth of Douglas-fir and western redcedar seedlings in a variable overstory retention silviculture system. G.J. Ettl (Cockle, A., Walter, T., Hough-Snee, N.)
  9. Harvest Optimization modeling of Eucalyptus globulus plantations to incorporate ecosystem services in the context of native forest restoration in coastal southern Chile. G.J. Ettl, Lara A. (Universidad Austral de Chile) (Trevor Walter).
  10. Cultural ecosystem services and visitor use at Pack Forest. G.J. Ettl and S. Asah.  McIntire-Stennis. (Diana Pietri).

The Center also welcomes field research projects and all schools and colleges are encouraged to use the forest in their programs.

For more information on Center research and publications, please contact Greg Ettl, Director of the Center for Sustainable Forestry at Pack Forest. He can be reached by email at



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