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Hunting at Pack Forest is permitted only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the hunting season. State regulations apply. Pack Forest is closed to hunting Monday through Thursday.

Mount Rainier Institute!

In partnership with Mount Rainier National Park, Mount Rainier Institute programs provide hands-on field science investigations in an amazing outdoor “classroom.” Students in grades 4-12 develop science skills, connect to nature, and build community. Our experienced educators work closely with teachers to customize a three- to five-day program in ways that best fit the school’s curriculum. It is an educational adventure students remember for a lifetime.

Pack Forest provides a field location for faculty, staff, and students from the University of Washington's School of Environmental and Forest Sciences to teach, study, conduct research, and demonstrate modern forest management.

Pack Forest provides a number of opportunities for you or your group to learn about forest ecology, forest management, new ideas in forestry, and what we're doing at Pack today. These opportunities range from self guided trails, and displays in our gatehouse, to a curriculum on forest ecology for elementary to middle school students.

Pack Forest also provides opportunities for the public to hike, bike, horseback ride, stroll or roll along a barrier-free self guided trail, or hunt during hunting season.

News 9/9/2014: Changes are coming to Pack Forest this fall

Press release about the launch of the Mount Rainier Institute this fall and changes to Pack Forest's hunting policy


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