Facility Description, Usage Rates and Policies 2016

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Overnight Accommodations

The Pack Forest Conference Center has a variety of housing options available, including houses, apartments, dorm rooms and cabins. Our facilities can accomodate up to 136 guests. For images of our facilties, please see the gallery page.


Apartments : Six apartments, each with separate kitchen, living room, bathroom and private bedroom providing a unique single occupancy stay.

Houses : Four houses, each with a distinct floor plan, offer shared or single occupancy bedrooms, some with full size beds.

Complete occupancy details of the apartments and houses can be found in the Housing Layouts sheet.

Dining Hall Dorms: Five rooms, 4 rooms with 2 bunk beds, 1 room with 3 bunk beds, provide shared or single occupancy, each with down comforters on lower beds. Restrooms/showers located on the main floor.

Dorms: Five rooms, each with 2 twin beds on the main floor and 2 twin beds located in a loft, reserved as double or single occupancy. Showers and restrooms located at this building. Dorm 155 is wheelchair accessible.

Cabins : Ten cabins, each with 8 twin beds, 4 lower and 4 upper, with down comforters on lower beds. Cabin 8 is wheelchair accessible.


Housing rates are per-person.  Rates include beds made and one towel set per guest/per night.  Housing unit minimum occupancy is two per dorm room and four per cabin.  Based upon availability, private dorms, cabins with 2 overnight guests, apartments or houses are at a  higher rate.  Use of a house requires a minimum occupancy of one guest per bedroom.
Shared Occupancy:
Private Business              $49/1st night       $45 each additional night
Non-Profit, Government   $43/1st night       $39 each additional night
& Professional Associations
UW Faculty/Staff              $40/1st night       $36 each additional night
UW Students                    $30/1st night       $26 each additional night
Houses (1 Guest Per Bedroom) and Apartments (Single Occupancy):
UW Rate                          $58/1st night       $58 each additional night
Non-Profit, Government   $60/1st night       $60 each additional night
Private Business              $68/1st night       $68 each additional night
Houses (Shared Bedrooms) and Private Dorms:
UW Rate                          $56/1st night       $56 each additional night
Non UW Rate                   $56/1st night       $56 each additional night

Sales tax applies.  Exempt groups include federal government and organizations that provide written proof of tax exempt status.

 Note: Additional Rates may apply.

Meeting Facilities

All meeting rooms are handicap accessible. Meeting rooms are set to your specifications. Most audio-visual equipment is also available at no additional charge which include VCR's, monitors, DVD Player, overhead projectors, slide projectors, easels.

Macbride 101 34' X 24' (accommodates 40 just chairs, tables and 25 chairs in a "U")

Macbride 102 32' X 18' (accommodates 75 just chairs, tables and 40 chairs set classroom style or other set up styles)

Macbride 103 33' X 26' (Computer Lab, Classroom style with 20 computers)

Macbride 106 One choice: (accommodates up to ten people around a conference table)

Scott Hall 39.5' X 47. 5' (accommodates 150 just chairs, 125 set classroom style, pods for 65, tables/50 chairs "U" shape or square)

The Schoolhouse Building has a woodstove, Ping-Pong table, 1960's vintage couches/rugs, fridge, stove and icemaker (accommodates up to 30 people).

Pack Hall is the social room with historic logging photos, a large stone fireplace, piano and hardwood floors make for a comfortable, casual atmosphere. The social room may be shared at times with other conference groups (seating for 40 people, standing room for 60). Additional seating is available upon request.

The Outdoor Pavilion has a concrete foundation, tables and chairs for 100, electric outlets, and nearby campfire. The pavilion is covered and can still be used in the event of rain.

Meeting Room Rates (with Overnight stays)

Scott Hall requires a minimum of 35 overnight guests to qualify for use.  A meeting room fee of $100 per day applies to Scott Hall with 35 or more overnight guests.  With less than 35 overnight guests, a day use fee of $275.00 per day applies.

Pack Hall can be reserved as a social room, however, a charge of $45.00 per evening does apply.  Exclusive use of Pack Hall is charged at a breakout room rate.  Meeting rooms are charged at the breakout room rates with 21 or more overnight guests.

See Day Use/Overnight Stay Meeting Room Fees listed separately.

Pack Hall                     No special set, with 21 or more overnight guests.                            $100/day
Pack Hall                     Include meeting room set up, with 21 or more overnight guest’s      $120/day

Scott Hall                    With 35 or more overnight guests, meeting room set up included     $100/day
Scott Hall                    With less than 35 overnight guests                                                    $275/day

Macbride 101              Includes meeting room set up                                                            $75/day

Macbride 102             Includes meeting room set up                                                             $90/day

Macbride 103              Computer Lab—See Day Use Rates                                                  $180/day

Macbride 106              Includes meeting room set up                                                             $50/day

With less than 21 overnight guests, the day use meeting room fee applies.  The Computer Lab is charged at the day use rate.

Day Use Meeting Room Rates (No overnight stays)

Pack Hall                     No special set                                                                                    $245/day
Pack Hall                     Includes meeting room set up                                                            $280/day

Scott Hall                    Includes meeting room set up                                                             $300/day

Macbride 101              Includes meeting room set up                                                            $155/day

Macbride 102              Includes meeting room set up                                                            $170/day

Macbride 103              Computer Lab with 20 computers set classroom style                       $180/day

Macbride 106              Conference room                                                                               $100/day

Macbride 109/110       Office space                                                                                       $25/day

Schoolhouse                No special set                                                                                    $70/day

Pavilion                       Set with tables and chairs up to 90 guest’s                                         $300/day
Additional fee of $75 per day applies with 100+ guests

All meeting room fees include the following audio-visual at no additional charge, i.e. overhead, slide projector, screen, easels without paper, PA system in Scott Hall.  Data Projectors, easel paper and wireless routers are at an additional charge.

Excessive clean-up/garbage/damage or staff time is invoiced at actual expense.

Pets are not allowed in University of Washington buildings which includes all meeting room space, Dining Hall and overnight lodging units.  A minimum additional cleaning fee of $100 is accessed if pets are brought into any of the buildings.


Pack Forest Conference Center provides meals, beverages, and snack breaks. Small groups can be accommodated.
Minimum notice for arrangements is two weeks.  Maximum seating in the dining hall is 100.  No outside food.  Meal/break service is contracted with Pack Forest Conference Center.  

Food Coordinator: Georgiann Crouchet Phone 253-692-4171 or Email: gmc2@uw.edu

Standard Meal Rates:             BREAKFAST $10.75     LUNCH $14.00                    DINNER   $18.00
UW Student Meal Rates:         BREAKFAST $9.25       LUNCH $11.75                    DINNER   $14.00
UW Faculty/Staff Rates:          BREAKFAST $10.50     LUNCH $13.00                    DINNER   $16.25
Non UW Student Rates:          BREAKFAST $9.95       LUNCH $12.50                    DINNER   $14.95
NOTE: Non UW Student Rates apply when payment is issued from non-UW budgets.

Appetizers, coffee breaks, famous cinnamon rolls and cookies are a few of the selected items which are available.


Pack Forest has miles of hiking trails, as well as large grass playfields, volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, croquet, and Ping-Pong. People are welcome to bring games, videos, or theme party supplies. Please review recreation ideas with the Conference Office to assess risk of the facility and coordinate use of space with other guests and/or residents.

Pack Forest 's Trails and Interpretive program offers free guided hikes or drive-through forest tours on a pre-arrangement basis. We encourage you to take the opportunity to take a hike through our forest!

NW Trek Wildlife Park and Alder Lake for swimming are just minutes away. Pioneer Farm Museum and Ohop Indian Village is great for young students. A train ride on a fully restored 1920's passenger train, departing from Elbe , is possible Spring through Fall and is an excellent way to see some scenery. A drive to Mt. Rainier is a 30 minute drive away.


Alcohol is subject to Conference Center approval, University of Washington permission/approval, and Washington State Liquor Control Board's Banquet Permit process. Consumption of alcohol on the premises requires a State of Washington Liquor and Cannabis Control Board Banquet Permit .


It is a federal crime to possess and use even small amounts of marijuana on or in any University facilities or vehicles.  Further, as a recipient of federal funds, the UW must comply with the Safe & Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act which require that the UW maintain a drug-free campus.
Visit http://www.uw.edu/admin/rules/policies/APS/13.07 to view the University’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy.

Eligibility for Facility Usage

Any prospective client outside the University of Washington is required to complete a Request for Use of University Facilities form. The conference must fit within the educational guidelines of the UW. The University Facilities Committee or a delegated authority must also approve the event/facility use. Participants attending the event need to be members of the group. UW's Risk Management department may require event insurance. Refer to WAC 478-136.

A reservation at Pack Forest Conference Center is considered tentative until the Use of University Facilities form is returned and approved and the Reservation Contract is completed and returned. Non-UW clients must provide a purchase order or the minimum deposit received in addition to the above requirements prior to event confirmation.

All UW classes are eligible provided 1) the event is educational and 2) faculty and/or advisors are present at the entire event. All UW departments are eligible provided the event is educational or UW business related. All UW employees may coordinate use of the facilities for UW affiliated professional associations. Any professional associations will follow the eligibility requirements listed above.

Deposits, Guarantees and Cancellations

A deposit of 25% or minimum $100.00 deposit, whichever is greater, is required to guarantee a hold on the facility.  All clients sign a Reservation Contract.  UW clients provide the budget name and number for the event.  Non UW clients provide a purchase order for the entire estimated conference amount or pay the deposit by check within 10 days of the confirmation paperwork.  Failure to return signed and completed Reservation Contract does not release client from cancellation date.  A cancellation must be in writing.  Normal cancellation period is a minimum of two – ten months in advance.  In special circumstances, a cancellation deadline may be more than or less than 60 days.  In these cases, the cancellation date is referenced in the Reservation Contract.

Upon reservation for an event, the event coordinator gives the Conference Office an estimate on housing and meeting room needs. It is possible that another group is accepted to also use the facility.  Any time the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences needs to use the facility; it will be accommodated if at all possible. 

Housing guarantees and meeting room set-up details are due seven business days prior to arrival. Late (or altered) guarantee information may result in additional fees. The invoice is based upon actual or guarantee; whichever is higher.


Quiet time is observed after 10:00 p.m. every evening. Loud parties will not be tolerated. No pets are allowed indoors or overnight. No smoking is allowed in the buildings. Bed linens stay indoors so bring beach towels and/or old blankets for use on the lawn.

Pets are not allowed in University of Washington buildings which includes all meeting room space, Dining Hall, social rooms and overnight lodging units. A minimum additional fee of $75 is accessed per unit per incident. This policy does not apply to service animals.

Enjoy yourself! Be sure to dress casually and comfortably.


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