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We are now registering groups for the spring 2017 and the 2017-2018 school year. Contact John Hayes or call (253) 692-4161



Mount Rainier Institute serves all schools: public, private, and home school groups. Scholarships are provided based on need. Mount Rainier Institute, the National Park Service and our partners are committed to subsidizing cost to ensure students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to participate. Please call (253) 692-4161 for current tuition rates and scholarship information.


Mount Rainier Institute tuition includes:

1. Help in program coordination and customization

2. Food & Lodging

3. Transportation during the program

4. Program instruction


3-day program -6 meals, 2 nights of lodging

4-day program - 9 to 10 meals, 3 nights of lodging

5-day program - 12 to 13 meals, 4 nights of lodging


*One teacher per 30 students is free. Additional chaperones are charged a reduced fee.

How to Register
  1. Please contact John Hayes, Mount Rainier Institute Director, at (253) 692-4161 or at with the name of your school, grade, group size and dates you are interested in attending.

  2. John will work with you to schedule dates for your group. Please have three or more possible dates in mind.  We are working with several schools and will do our best to give everyone their first or second choice.

  3. Once your program is scheduled you will receive Reservation Agreement. Please make sure all information is correct, sign and return.

  4. After you are scheduled, you will be contacted by Mount Rainier Institute staff to begin preparations.  Download the Program Planning guide below to start this process.


Planning Your Visit


Download and review the following documents:

MRI Teacher Planning Guide

MRI Chaperone Packet

MRI Parent Planning Guide


Individual Forms for Teachers:

Dietary Form

MRI Learning & Lodging

MRI Scheduling & Info



This guide is designed to help you through the process of preparing for your visit. Mount Rainier Institute staff are here to help you with this process. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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